Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Hunters

These are two of my "manly men".  It seems like they live for hunting season.  So far, they haven't had any luck, but they live in hope.  For their sake, I hope they get something soon.  The lazy part of me hopes they don't.  I would have to do some serious freezer cleaning (again!) to make room for meat.  

I'm so grateful for Godly men who have a deep desire to provide for their family.  In this day of feminized men, it is refreshing to see men who will do what is necessary to care for their loved ones and who take their responsibilities to heart.  Even though their hunting escapades make a lot more work for me, I am truly thankful for their sense of responsibility and family.


PrepperMom said...

It is such a beautiful thing , someday I hope my son grows up to be like yours.

Anonymous said...

:) We are a hunting family also... great photo!