Thursday, May 20, 2010

Steel Cut Oats

We really like steel cut oats for breakfast, but I'm not thrilled with having to cook them for at least 45 minutes first thing in the morning.  Call me lazy, but I've found a better way and it's healthy, too.  Oats and other grains are much healthier if they are soaked for several hours.  My method gives you the health benefits of soaking, the flavor and texture of steel cut oats, and the convenience of instant.

At night, before going to bed, measure out about 1 1/2 cups steel cut oats and put them in a oiled crockpot.  Cover with about 6 cups of water and add 2 Tablespoons of butter.  Cook on low all night.  In the morning, stir in any crust that has developed.  Serve plain or with honey and milk.  Fresh fruit is also really good in this.

Sometimes we end up with some oatmeal leftover and rather than waste it we just refrigerate it and it heats up very well.  It tastes as good the next day as it did the first.

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