Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cleaning with Vinegar

I like to use natural cleaners whenever possible.  A lot of the store-bought cleaners have something in them that sets off our asthma and sometimes even gives me migraines.  One of my favorite all -purpose cleaners is white vinegar.

In my house I use white vinegar to clean countertops, mop tile floors, disinfect trash cans, clean the microwave, wash windows, and deodorize the dishwasher when it gets to smelling funky.  I used to use it to deodorize the garbage disposal and it worked just fine, but then I found these little lemon scented balls made especially for the garbage disposal and I just loved the way they smell, so that's what I use for that now.

Here is a website that has many more uses for white vinegar.  Let me know if you have a use for it that I've missed.  


Lisa said...

I have heard that vinegar is great as fabric softener, used in the final rinse. I usually don't bother with fabric softener, though. It can be used to help strip cloth diapers of detergents.

My other favorite natural cleaner is baking soda. I sprinkle it in the tub and use it to scrub. It gets the soap scum off nicely, and it's good for the drain too!

Anonymous said...

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