Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cleaning Schedule

I try to keep a cleaning schedule.  It doesn't always happen.  Life tends to get in the way, but that's a good thing!  The main reason I even attempt a schedule is to keep from falling too far behind in any one area.  For instance, I know that if I waited to wash laundry until we couldn't find any clean clothes, that would be a real inconvenience not to mention a major stressor.  I feel the same way about the other chores.  I am more content, more creative, and more at peace when the house is kept up.

Monday---wash and fold laundry, dust, vacuum upstairs and downstairs, declutter as I go

Tuesday---change sheets (we all have queen size beds, so that makes keeping up with the sheets much easier), clean bookshelves, go to the library

Wednesday---clean bathrooms, deep clean kitchen, vacuum downstairs, mop tile floors, shine wood floors

Thursday---wash and fold laundry, dust, clean refrigerators, plan menu for next week

Friday---grocery shop, yard work, ironing

Saturday---clean bathrooms, clean porch, bake bread for next week, vacuum downstairs

Sunday---rest and sometimes bake goodies

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