Sunday, November 22, 2009

Isaiah 43:1-2


Happy Hermit said...

When I lived in Texas , there was a remote stream far from everyone deep in the woods , off the path and unvisited , and The Water is 65 Degree's all year round due to the aquifers , and someday I was overwhelmed , and I would cry , and I would pray , and I would run through the forest till I got to that spot , and I would lay down in the stream , and I felt cleansed , it was like being hugged by god , it calmed down like a small child being held lovingly. My mind would calm , my body would relax , and it was like being cradled. Because the water was just shallow enough to lay back in.

I don't know if it has relevance , but I was reminded , and I wanted to share.

Bobbi said...

Thanks for commenting. I think it does have relevance. God is so merciful toward us that he does cradle us in the palm of his hand. I also feel "hugged by God" when I am surrounded by his creation.