Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Please pray

A couple of weeks ago, the guys were out target shooting and Josh took a ricochet to his arm.  Today he has surgery to have it removed.  The surgeon told us that it will not be a complicated surgery.  He also told us that the way Josh was standing with his arms crossed saved his life.  God saved his life!  

It seemed like such a minor wound and to look at it, it looked that way too, until the bullet started moving around and we could see it bulging.  

Please take a minute to pray and ask God for a safe surgery and a full recovery for Josh.  If you know him, you know that the last year has been very difficult for him, health-wise.  He had just begun to feel like his old self when this happened.  We know that God doesn't waste our experiences and that nothing happens without his knowledge.  Please pray that whatever God is teaching us through the trials of the last year will become clearly evident.

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