Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm Still Here!

I can't believe it's  been nearly two months since I blogged!  I guess life just got in the way of blogging.  

We started school in early August and it has been going well.  I still haven't gotten used to only having two in school.  It's just too quiet without four kids around the table. But, on the up side, we do seem to get more accomplished quicker.

In September we took a trip to the mountains and enjoyed the cooler temperatures.  It is so beautiful up there!  If God ever provides a way for us to live full-time up there, I would go in a heartbeat.  I absolutely adore the sound of the wind through the pine trees.  It sounds like a creek is running.  And the air smells so fresh and clean.  Why, oh why, do I live in the desert???

The girls and I did quite a bit of canning when we got back from our vacation.  We canned pickles, banana nut bread jam, and lemon curd.  The lemon curd ended up not sealing, so it got stuck in the fridge.  I think I over-filled the jars.  We still have apples to can, and maybe pears.  

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