Sunday, April 4, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Birthdays are a big deal in our family.  We love to celebrate.  Usually we do something fun with just each other.  We don't often have really big parties or involve a lot of people.  We're kind of a weird family, in that we really like being together!
Yesterday was Josh's 19th birthday, and while I'm not happy with him getting so old (read:  me getting so old), we had a great day.  He wanted all of us to go to the range and shoot , so that's exactly what we did.  
Here are just a few pictures of our adventures.  We had a blast (no pun intended)!  I am so thankful for Josh and the man he's turned out to be.  I give God all the glory and heartfelt thanks for the gift of this son.  Happy Birthday, Josh!
Most of these pictures are taken from the side or the back.
It's not a great idea to stand in front of someone with a loaded gun.  LOL!

Josh, Chris, & Christopher

Here is  Josh with his shotgun.

Here is Christopher after he shot Josh's shotgun:)

Here's Katie 

...and Talia

...and me

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Nice to meet a fellow "Pistol Packin' Mama"! You all are so cute. We love to shoot, too. Thanks for following my blog and entering in the giveaway. I'm following yours in return. Love your blog!