Friday, February 26, 2010

Tradition or Godliness

As a family, we are studying the gospel of Luke right now.  We had a really good study last night.  We read about the faith of the centurion and the questions from John the Baptist's disciples.  Throughout the book of Luke, we have seen Jesus do many miracles and restore life wherever he went.  

Somehow during our discussion we took a bunny trail and started talking about the Pharisees and how they compare to the the "religious" people of our day.  We were sad to see that at times in all of our lives, we have been much like the Pharisees.  Sometimes the thought of our religiousity appalls me.  

Jesus is so much more interested in where our hearts are (just as he was in the  gospel of Luke) than in what committee we are on, or what the church voted to spend on renovations, etc.  As for me, I just want to please God!  I don't mean that to come across as self-righteous or judgmental.  It's just the truth.  The deep desire of my heart is to know God better and to please him more.  

I fail in this so much.  I constantly have to pray that God will keep me from meaningless traditions.  I want to get caught up in God not in rituals.  I know without a doubt that there has to be more to Christianity than what we are seeing in churches on Sunday mornings.  I don't want to be part of the club, or the clique.  I want more of Jesus.  

Does anybody understand what I'm talking about, or am I just rambling???

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