Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

Here is a list of just a few things that make me smile:)
I may keep adding to the list as I think of more.  Feel free to comment and tell me what makes you smile!

1.  Hugs from my kids
2.  The smell of pine trees
3.  Tulips (especially red and yellow ones that match my kitchen)  
4.  Fires in the fireplace
5.  Finishing school for the day
6.  Tea
7.  A good workout
8.  A shower after a great workout
9.  A clean house
10. Fishing
11. The smell of freshly baked bread
12. Pancakes smothered in butter and syrup
13. The voices of my family praying
14. Early morning walks
15. Watching hummingbirds
16. Discovering something "new" in Scripture
17. Playing piano
18. Keith Green music
19. Visits from friends
20. Going to the hairdresser
21. The silence of night-time when camping
22. Christmas movies
23. Lipstick
24. Wood floors
25. Snow in the desert
26. Cowgirl boots
27. Cookbooks
28. Sheets dried on the clothesline
29. Comments on my blog ;)
30. Fuzzy socks
31. Classical music
32. Cooking on a 100 year old stove
33. Roasting marshmallows
34. Coffee
35. Chocolate
36. Spy novels
37. Grocery shopping
38. Homemade ice cream
39. Disneyland
40. New books
41. My son's laughter
42. My puppy
43. Having my hand held by my hubby
44. Messy, baby kisses
45. Ironed clothes
46. Violins
47. The Blues (New Orleans style)
48. The ocean during a storm
49. Scented candles
50. Friends that have remained true

What makes you smile???

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