Friday, January 8, 2010

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Any home baker knows that real vanilla extract is awfully expensive, but it is also essential for good baking.  The fake stuff just won't do.  For one thing, it doesn't taste as good.  Another thing is that my kids are very allergic/intolerant to artificial flavoring and coloring which is in fake vanilla (vanillin).  Because of this, many years ago, I learned to make vanilla extract.  It's very simple.

1 quart jar filled with vodka
3-4 whole vanilla beans, cut down the middle but not scraped
Fill the jar with vodka (the cheap stuff is fine) and add the vanilla beans.  Put the top on the jar, but not too tight.  Shake the jar every day for at least two weeks.  The longer you can let it sit, the stronger your vanilla will be.
This picture is only half full.  I need to make some more soon.

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