Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Here in our part of Arizona, we don't often get snow.  But that doesn't stop us from hoping for it, and wishing for it, and fervently praying for it!  Yesterday morning, we awoke to a beautiful sight!  There was snow on the ground!!!  It continued to fall for a couple of hours and we just watched in wonder.  What a beautiful, magical sight.

Now, it's Christmas.  While the snow may not have lasted more than a few hours, the wonder of Christmas is alive and well in our hearts.  To think that God, in the form of a little baby, came to this earth to save a sinner such as me, is overwhelming to my finite mind.  Thanks be to God for his wonderful gift!  Thank you Jesus, for saving my soul.  I love you, Lord and my heart is filled with gratitude for your mercy and grace.  Happy Birthday!

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