Thursday, December 31, 2009


My kids gave me a Kindle for Christmas this year.  I had absolutely no idea they were buying it for me, but it was a great surprise.  I've already read several books since Christmas.  It's so easy to download books from Amazon.  I've actually found several books that were available for free!  The ones I did pay for were very reasonable, like 1 to 2 dollars each.  I bought one "new" book and paid about ten dollars for it.  This is a very economical way to read.  The print size is adjustable which is great for me.  I love large print books. I believe the Kindle that I have will hold about 1500 books.  I definitely don't have room for that many books on my bookshelves.  I would need a bigger house, so instead I have a Kindle.  Thanks Kids!

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