Saturday, October 31, 2009

Glow Lamps

Today, me and the girls made beeswax glow lamps. We were rather nervous. We melted three pounds of beeswax in the crockpot. Then we filled balloons with water and dipped them individually into the melted wax. We let them cool, flattened the bottoms, and then dipped them again. Fifteen times per balloon. Finally, when we thought they were thick enough, we broke the balloons and dried out the lamps.

With the extra beeswax, we made little tealight candles to put into the glow lamps. They look so pretty all lit up! I can't believe how much fun we're having with this stuff. It's so nice to have something useful to do that makes us feel good, isn't it. It seems like the world's gone crazy and I personally need something normal and rustic to bring me back to a place of sanity and simplicity.

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