Sunday, September 27, 2009

Calm Like the Ocean

I love to look at the ocean. I don't get the opportunity very often, but when I do I am amazed at God's wonderful creation. Sometimes I listen to ocean sounds when I want to relax and fall asleep. But the ocean is not always relaxing. It can be violent and unpredictable.

It sounds a little like life, doesn't it? When life is going smoothly, we are grateful that God is in control of everything. When life gets chaotic, sometimes we wonder where God is. He's right here! When the ocean is raging, seemingly out of control, God is there in the midst of it. When my life is not following my carefully orchestrated plan, God is still in the midst of it.

I'm so thankful that our Lord understands the storms of life. We really do have problems. We really do have pain. But we are not alone. Thank you, Lord Jesus!

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